Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Arrives, with Shirts

Apparently all it took for winter to explode all over the country was for February 29th to get here. There has been good snow back in Duluth and in upstate New York, and it has been snowing all day here in Mammoth following up on the windy snowy storm we had Saturday.

Other than that, I've got nothing for you, and since today was the first of six days in a row I'll be working, I won't have anything new for a while. But I'm looking forward to playing in the snow next Tuesday and Wednesday when I'm off and the tourists are gone for the season. There were more wolf sightings here this morning, and I heard reports of bear tracks twenty miles east of here.

So, in my nature deprivation, I'm reduced to taking photos of two new shirts I picked up today. First is the back view of our winter staff t-shirts. I love the design and message.

And I also picked up my Jeopardy shirt today. Here's the back view, shared by all the winners of various sports and contests. From behind, you might think I'm a studly athlete.

On the front, my brain on drugs.

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