Saturday, March 10, 2012

And Then There Were 23

I guess that's how many hours we have in this abbreviated day, but it's also how many of us seasonal workers I was told are left in housing here. Of course there are many more employees still around, but they're folks who live in real houses here or in nearby towns. I just had a chance to apply to become one of them if I'd wanted to take up car ownership, moving out of the park, driving, and having regular bills. I've mentioned that a couple people important to me here will be leaving. One of them is my summer boss, and if I would have been able to keep living here, I probably would have applied for the job. Instead I'm waiting to hear who will be hired and hoping for the best.

I don't have to hope about the time of year though. The greatly reduced number of people here brings out my enjoyment of the place. This is the time of year when I came back last year, and as far as the daily atmosphere it's definitely the best annual period here for me. This year, along with the quiet, we're having warm temperatures and beautiful days. Although winter is likely to come roaring back at some point, it won't be this week and right now it feels like hiking season is just around the corner.

I had a cyst taken out of my neck this week and woke up a couple days later with a trail of blood down my neck. I looked exactly like a vampire victim, but so far I'm still going out in the daylight and am confident I would still love garlic if they ever actually used it in our meals. Garlic certainly would have been a benefit of moving out of the park which I didn't consider.

A report was finally released on the second hiker death by bear last summer. I haven't read all of it yet, but one thing that jumped out was that the deceased allegedly told the campground person that he was a grizzly bear expert and didn't need to hear the bear speech which all campers get. The campground person told him anyway. The sort of grizzly bear expert who hikes alone without bear spray into an area heavily populated by grizzlies is one I never hope to become.

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Laura said...

The time between winter and summer seasons is my favorite! I always felt like the park was mine all mine! Just don't lock yourself out of the dorm...