Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stunning Spring

It was a lovely day with blue sky, light breeze, and temperatures in the mid 50s--the kind of day which still smacks me in the head as I look around and think how bleeping beautiful this place is. The ground is bare in Mammoth and while I may be a winter lover, at this point I hope it doesn't return.

Our gym is closed for a month for painting and repairs, so now that the earth is showing I've started climbing hills again to get my legs and lungs in shape. The first time I tried the mild uphill old dirt road I wasn't sure I'd even make it to the top without stopping, but have now started doing the beginning of the steeper Beaver Ponds trail instead. I've only done a half mile of the trail which is still muddy and snowy with pools of standing water.

I'm still discovering new things here, like a perfect-for-sitting rock with a view, and a trail to Lower Mammoth housing which is an even steeper workout. Along that trail today, I saw the smallest chipmunk I've ever seen. Bluebirds are back too.

Elk were everywhere today, from hilltop to hotel lawn.

So, some photos of herd animals.


Terry said...

Why are the hominids all lined up nose to tail like that? They look like ants :-)

greentangle said...

Most of them were kids so they were probably being trained that they should never step out of line.

Or they were afraid of falling off the other side of the road.