Friday, April 20, 2012

A Bison's Eye View

A brief assortment of photos from recent days.

A double crest with overflowing water at Palette Spring.

A double helping of bison, by a trail and a river. The first bison baby has been seen, but not by me. Wolves were also back in Mammoth, but I didn't see them either. I did see a kill site tonight on the way to town--lots of photographers, but no wolves on the remains of the elk carcass.

Last night was the last chance to walk the road before it opened to traffic today. A friend and I headed out toward Bunsen Peak and Swan Lake Flat.

Rustic Falls was flowing nicely when we approached.

There's nothing quite as lovely as coming out into the open area of Swan Lake Flat after passing through a couple miles of trees and mountain sides. We watched a coyote and a northern harrier, each hunting for rodents. It's an area where I've seen grizzlies with cubs several times from vehicles, but there were none in sight yesterday.

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