Sunday, April 15, 2012

Comings and Goings

It's getting crowded around here--lots of managers and other employees from throughout the park are here for weeks of meetings and training before spreading into the park to start opening other locations. My roommate will be here in a few days; our suitemate has arrived and as a manager will have that room to himself, so at least there will only be three of us instead of four sharing a bathroom for the next six months.

My first boss here is gone now; I thanked her one more time for giving me an accounting job and saving me from the kitchen I originally came here to work in.

One of our employees recently died in his sleep. He was only in his late thirties. In one of our last conversations he asked if I'd heard from a friend who returned a couple days ago.

I was hiking with her last night when she grabbed my arm and quietly said, "There's a bear!" I'm pretty sure it was the same black bear from a few days earlier though much closer than on that evening. I asked if she wanted to take pictures or get out of there and she opted for the second choice. Although I wasn't really concerned, I played it safe and pulled my bear spray for the first time as we walked past. The bear completely ignored us.

Tonight a brief blizzard of snow and hail hit around dinnertime and walking home in it was painful. Later I looked out my window and saw a bison dancing on the other side of the street. I've seen this once before and it looks like nothing other than joy and pleasure. Somehow it reminds me of a dog playing. Unfortunately by the time I got my camera out to 'film' the scene, the dance was over. If you search for "dancing bison" you'll find a YouTube video of a pet bison doing the same sort of moves. It looks a lot better when it's done naturally and without the people.


Northland said...

I read in our local paper about a couple smart phone apps that are able to pinpoint where bears or other wildlife are in Yellowstone. The article says that this isn't altogether new as the Yellowstone Wildlife site has kept track of animal sightings including grizzlies presently feeding on a bison carcass near the Yellowstone R. Trail. I would imagine that such technological message boards will lead to people driving fast to wildlife viewing sites and bigger traffic jams at the sites.
Nice that you are having such nice views of wildlife and sharing the pictures. Have a good weekend!

greentangle said...

I've seen mention of them on a Yellowstone forum I read. I think a lot of the regular photographers have let each other know in the past, but I suppose this does open it up to everyone and likely bigger crowds. Just this evening I passed dozens of photographers waiting by a carcass by the road between here and Gardiner.

Right now my weekend is during the middle of the week which has worked out fine weather wise, but not this time. I'll be working while it's sunny and close to 70 the next couple days.