Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goodbye, Blogger

I hiked the Beaver Ponds Trail this morning for the first time this season. I was going to tell you about it and show you some scenery and coyote photos, but Blogger's new 'improved' interface seems impossible to use with photos for me. The old one was inconvenient but at least predictably so--the new one is just a mess, randomly moving photos and text around. 

The same thing has happened on the job--all the information we use when talking with people on the phone apparently wasn't in a pretty enough format for some people, so now it's pretty and much of the information we had before is no longer there. I have to put up with that (for another six weeks), but I don't have to put up with this.

So I'm going to look around a bit and see if any other blogging options will work more easily for me. If not, I'll retire from this hobby and spend more time reading and hiking. Let me know if you have any recommendations. 


Laura said...

Please, please, please don't stop sharing your experiences! Perhaps these blogger issues will get worked out. I have started using wordpress and I like it but haven't used it enough to accurately compare it to blogger. I don't have the motivation to use it here at home like I did in Yellowstone when I was using blogger. Hope you're well. Only 6 weeks of res...Hang in there!

Jain said...

I'd miss greentangle. I don't always comment but I always read. Your photos never fail to blow me away. Such incredible beauty, I can't imagine having it a part of my daily life. No, wait, I can. I'm happy you found a place that suits you so well and would miss your posts, your pictures, your reviews, your rants.

Lots of folks prefer Wordpress to Blogger. I've thought of moving myself but haven't had the time to work out the transfer. Hope you'll check it out.

Woodswalker said...

I sure will miss you if you go. I'm surprised you have so much trouble with Blogger. My system is to compose posts directly in Blogger, rather than creating a document and importing it, and it works well for me. Sometimes I insert all the photos at once and then compose text around them, after writing an opening line or two to keep the top space open for text. How do you compose your posts?

greentangle said...

Thanks for the kind words.

J, I'm actually feeling very ready to leave here (or at least the jobs--I'm looking into other possibilities) these days. There just aren't many alternate possibilities for me than staying here.

I'm testing Wordpress which seems like it works much more easily based on a post I tried. I imported a small blog there without problem but I haven't been able to get the posts from this one over there (no text or photos; just the titles appeared) and others have had the same problem. I'll see how it goes.

W, for me in Blogger the photos always go to the top even if I've already got text, and in seemingly random order if I do more than one at a time. I've always dragged them to where I wanted them, but the new version makes that much more difficult if not impossible for me--they shift locations, disappear, mess up text.

greentangle said...

I'm an importin' exportin' man. Actually, the importing didn't work, but exporting seems to have done the trick. I'm sure there will be changes but all this is now also at http://greentangle.wordpress.com