Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grizzlies, Humans, and Peacocks

Here is a long article about last summer's grizzly attacks, and what criteria people try to use in determining the response when a human gets killed. For me, the most interesting part is near the end when the author takes a hike in Yellowstone grizzly country with Doug and Andrea Peacock.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Excellent read, thanks. A bit rich that humans create generations of garbage fed bears and then put our human "justice" system upon them. To me thinking there are no "crimes" attached to bears who are simply living and operating in their own lands. More human colonialism. Would love to hike with Doug Peacock.

greentangle said...

I agree, Robb. As I wrote on another site on the subject of Yellowstone being just another amusement park for people when someone wrote there was no choice but to kill the bear: Sure, it's the animals' home. The animals are nice as long as they don't bother us. If they do, we'll kill them.

Just learned that Peacock is doing a reading/lecture with grizzly footage at the REI store in Bozeman one night next month. Wish I had a way to attend.

Northland said...

Thanks for posting the article, Greentangle. After reading it I forwarded it to one of the librarians at the Portage Lake Library where John Wallace worked.The added detail, beyond the other report that stated that he was probably seated eating lunch when attacked made some of his friends at the library feel better. They took his comment (from the official report) that he made to the campground host as typical hubris for John Wallace. The observation that he had been eating and was seated when the bear went for him seemed to make him a more sympathetic "victim"but the librarian said his co-workers were really bummed about the sow being destroyed and cubs carted off to zoos.
Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself this spring. Keep up the good posts!

greentangle said...

Thanks for passing that info on to me.

It may be spring, but it's been snowing since last night.