Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pronghorn Portfolio

It was a lovely day to walk the dirt road (still closed to vehicles) to town, with the sun and breeze at our backs and downhill for almost all of the five miles. I had my camera with me, but I hadn't taken it out of my pack because there are only so many times you can photograph the same scenes. I still love looking at the scenery, but I don't need new images to remind myself of it.

About a mile from town, we approached five pronghorn very close to the road. Two of them started climbing a hill away from us as soon as they saw us, and I decided to take a couple shots before they all left. Much to our surprise, the remaining three remained as we slowly approached and passed them, as far away as the road would allow. This was the closest either of us had ever been to pronghorn (you can see the edge of the road in one of the photos). We were well within the 25 yards we're supposed to keep between us and other animals, but the other part of that rule is that if you cause animals to change their behavior, you're too close. They watched us, but were still in the same spot when we left.

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